My name is Adomas Benetis. I was born in the summer of 1983 in small city Palanga. Magic sea waves, light rustle of pine forest and wind shaped my worldview and taught to see shapes and esthetics. My passion for motorcycles was clearly seen from my young age. I got my first vintage old motorcycle as my 18th birthday present. Unfortunately I was very young and trusted other restorers, very often I encountered the incompetence of the craftsmen, delays and poor quality work. All this motivated me to learn hand built and restore motorcycles myself.  Adomo motociklai opened its doors as a motorcycle workshop in 2008 and I started my own business as a professional restorer and mechanic.  

Restoring old motorcycles from scrap is my greatest passion and the cornerstone of my workshop. It is one of the sweetest moments to hear the engine start for the first time after decades. My hands can give old rusty motorcycle second life. Such motorcycles not only make me or a client happy, but also freeze the people in a street to make a stop and just look and be impressed.

I also love to improvise with shapes and colors. Exclusively built custom motorcycles reflect my clients’ worldview and bring joy not only to look and touch, but also to ride. My custom motorcycle projects such as KAWASAKI KZ 440 and HONDA CB 750 were best of the Show and also were featured on magazine covers.

My passion for motorcycles doesn't end with just that. People know me not only as a craftsman, collector and restorer of exclusive motorcycles, but also as the creator of charitable event  "1000 km of hope". I always have ideas what I could do in the motorcycling community and I am open to suggestions.

Ltd. "Adomo motociklai"


Phone: +370 637 06103

Address: Ganyklu st. 6, Palanga 00127, Lithuania