Motorcycle restoration is a delicate topic. The dream of many is an old vintage motorcycle. Those who want to have freshly painted and shiny new chrome retro motorcycle will definitely come across a motorcycle restoration.

Vintage motorcycles have mostly served their lives as everyday vehicles and spend their sad days in woodsheds, warehouses or even scrap yards. If the one is lucky, a vintage motorcycle gets to hands of people who are interested in retro motorcycles. Some of them are interested in prewar motorcycles of European manufacturers or classic motorcycles from 70’s or 80’s. Others chase old vinatge Indian motorcycle or retro Harley Davidson as a life dream.

Vintage motorcycle restored: how is it done?

Vintage motorcycles - we care about them. Repair and restoration of old motorcycles is a cornerstone activity in Adomo Motorcycle workshop. Of course, restoring a motorcycle is a long and expensive process.

First of all, old motorcycle is completely being disassembled and thoroughly defected.

Secondly, the motorcycle is being sandblasted and coated with an anti-corrosion primer. Since motorcycles have seen lots in their life, many nodes have to be managed from the ground up, welded and repaired holes in mounting points, and cracks that have appeared over time are welded. Missing parts are usually made by hand, replicated or hunted in vintage fairs. Traces left by time and human activity are eliminated.

In this way, the antique motorcycle is restored to factory condition. When the motorcycle is fully assembled, it is disassembled again and its parts are painted, chromed, galvanized. Finally, the vintage motorcycle is assembled as it rolled out of the factory gates.

Only this type of motorcycle restoration ensures that your antique motorcycle will be not only beautiful, but also functional. This means that an antique motorcycle brought back to life will bring endless joy to you and those around you. And we can help you make your dream come true. Motorcycle restoration is more than a job. It is an endless passion for the process to achieve the best result.

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